A Fresh Start

For reasons that teeter along the uncharted territory between pride and humility, I am allowing you to be privy to the good, the bad, and the ugly that goes down in my kitchen.

After months of haphazardly bookmarking recipes, sporadically uploading food photos to Facebook, and leaving my triumphs and failures in the kitchen otherwise undocumented, I’ve finally decided it might be worth my while to start a blog. The paramount purpose of this newfangled creation is to keep an accessible record of recipes I’ve tried, tweaked, and created. I’m a perfectionist by nature and a foodie by nurture; I will either develop into a goddess of all things gastronomic, or I will die trying.

My first (of many) confessions: up until about six months ago, I was a domestic dolt. I’ve had a passion for gourmet food for as long as I can remember, but until recently, that passion only extended as far as reading food blogs, watching the Food Network, and dining out at glorified dives, upscale hotspots, and everything in between.

And then I was introduced to Pinterest. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the world’s most popular virtual pin board offers myriad ways for people to get in touch with their creative sides. Like an addict fiending for her drug of choice, I voraciously scrolled through page after page of recipes, desperately trying to determine which would be the fuel for my maiden voyage into the kitchen as producer instead of consumer.

Temporarily high on a health and fitness kick, I decided my first culinary mission would be a recipe entitled, “Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!” This is the quick and dirty version of what ensued:

1. I felt the plastic teddy bear wincing as I poured out more than half its honey contents into the mixing bowl (which the recipe called for in place of sugar).

2. I feared that if I ever had a run-in with Paula Deen, she would go backwoods Alabama on my ass if she saw me substituting apple sauce for sweet, soft butter.

3. My tastebuds dried up and fell off as I mixed in carob chips instead of Nestle’s semi-sweet morsels.

4. Finally, I witnessed the pained look on my boyfriend’s face as he choked down that first cookie.

And thus, I learned what I’ve dubbed “Kailley’s Kitchen Lesson #1:” Never, EVER trust a recipe with a name that goes like any of the following: “healthy + insert decadent food of choice here,” “skinny + insert decadent food of choice here,” or “lightened up + insert decadent food of choice here.” If you have any respect for your tastebuds, just enjoy the full-fat, full-sugar, completely delicious version of whatever sweet thing you’re craving.

Good health/weight loss and satisfied tastebuds aren’t mutually exclusive, and any diet and nutrition specialist who tries to tell you any different is feeding you BS.

Disclaimer: Nothing featured in this blog is, by definition, low fat, low calorie, healthy, skinny, or lightend up. I am here to share GOOD INDULGENT SINFUL SWEET DELICIOUS ORGASMIC recipes with you; I am NOT here to help you look like a Victoria’s Secret model or brainwash you into thinking that healthy cookies are an even MARGINALLY reasonable substitute for the real deal.

I live in a small convertible studio apartment overlooking west Lincoln Park, Chicago. My kitchen is tiny, but I’ve managed to turn it into the perfect environment to apron up and get down to baking and cooking. Welcome to my kitchen!


  1. Julie says

    So clever and creative Kailley!!! Great idea, now we can all follow your culinary creations and become inspired to try them ourselves! xoxo Love your kitchen!

  2. Kzrenm says

    Julie has raved about your cupcakes and I sampled your cake batter truffles at your mom’s. Can’t wait to bake the Oreo truffle cupcakes. Thanks for the yummy recipes.

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