Pequod’s Pizza

Outside of the Cubs v. White Sox debate and the [in]effectiveness of gun control, few things stand as the centerpiece of contentious conversation in the city of Chicago quite like pizza does. Who boasts the best pizza? Chicago-style? Thin-crust? Pan? Toppings? Brick oven? Wood-fired? Freaking out and reaching for the Xanax yet?

The quest for the best is nothing short of excruciating when nearly every pizza eatery within the city limits dangles the claim, “Chicago’s best pizza,” beneath their sign. Unless this is a second grade soccer team in which every kid “earns” a trophy despite an 0 for 10 record, there’s no way they’re all equally amazing.

While I’ve hardly had the opportunity to try and filter every single impostor “best Chicago pizzeria,” I have found a uniquely wonderful breed of pizza that I’m willing to bet my top dollar is second to none in the Windy City. The best part? No unsubstantiated claims. Reader, meet Pequod’s.

2207 N. Clybourn Ave Chicago, IL

2207 N. Clybourn Ave Chicago, IL

Pequod’s has been a permanent fixture in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood for almost four decades, and yet, despite its history, it remains one of the city’s best kept secrets. With it’s haphazardly imperfect sign, great service, and iconic cast iron skillets, Pequod’s delivers an experience that is every bit as enjoyable as its borderline orgasmic pan pies, minus the pseudo-self-aware narcissism.

Pequod's Pizza

Like whiskey and wisdom, these seasoned cast iron pans get better and better with age. They help the crust caramelize to a point that rides the line between chewy and crunchy, and are truly Pequod’s key to so many successful years of business.

1st layer: Toasty, caramelized crust

2nd layer: Soft, fluffy “upper” crust

3rd layer: zesty, homemade sauce

4th layer: gooey, melty mozzarella (fork recommended)

5th layer: pepperoni with an unmistakeable kick of sassiness

Pequod's Pizza

The crust-to-cheese ratio isn’t for everyone, namely those suffering from acute carbophobia and/or complete and utter insanity.

For best results, pair your ‘za with a deep-fried appetizer and Chicago-brewed beer. Hire a friend to roll your fat [& happy] ass home.

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