Voracity | February Things

Voracity | February Things

This month I loved…

1. Embracing impulse buys at Target. As most of you Chicagoans know, Dominick’s (a major local grocery chain) closed all of its metropolitan stores, including the sketchy-yet-convenient grocery store a hop, skip, and a jump away from my apartment. As a result, I’ve started to do a bit of my grocery shopping at Target. I have a love/hate relationship with Target, but really, it’s mostly love… especially when I rekindle an obsession with Pirouline Cookies and discover Angie’s Vanilla Cupcake flavored Kettle Korn and glittery pink cutlery just in time for Valentine’s Day.

2. “Automatic” by Miranda Lambert. I am helplessly in love with every song Miranda’s every written, and my feelings hold true for her latest release. The nostalgia woven into this song is palpable.

3. This Cajun Edamame Boil recipe from The Miniature Moose. It’s a fresh take on a traditional edamame preparation, and it’s stupid easy. Poppin’ pods like it ain’t no thang. Um, what?

4. Anything Lavender Tangerine scented from Rosy Rings. At long last, I’ve found a candle/reed diffuser/air-freshener/all things that smell pretty brand that I can’t live without. Even though Rosy Rings products are a bit pricier than your run of the mill Bath & Body Works or Yankee Candle products, the quality is second to none. I bought the Lavender Tangerine wax sachets at Gethsemane, a local Chicago garden store, earlier this month, and hung it from one of my bed posts so I get a subtle whiff of the calming scent as I fall asleep.

5. Pan-fried peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwiches. It’s probably the most underrated sandwich involving peanut butter ever. Should I add bacon to it a la Elvis?

6. 2 Sparrows. If you’re looking for to-die-for brunch fare in Chicago, look no further. The cinnamon roll made with biscuit dough and topped with goat cheese frosting should be a staple on all menus at all restaurants, all the time. Light and airy and tangy and sweet. Anticipate a full review sometime soon!

7. All of ABJ Glassworks‘ beautiful glass creations. I bought their small pyramid box a little over a year ago (I even used it in my Funfetti Cake Batter Truffle photo shoot!), and now I want moreee. If you really, really wanted to buy me the small dodecahedron, I probably wouldn’t object too much…

8. Perennial Virant‘s current dinner menu. Especially those exquisite lobster pierogis. I need a bucketful of them, like, yesterday. If you ever find yourself in Chicago, this farm-to-table spot is a can’t miss!

9. The Vintage Sweets Book. My brother gave this to me for Christmas back in December, and I’ve spent several nights this month reading through it for recipe inspiration before I fall asleep. Everything about it– from the recipes, photos, and drawings to even the font and prose– has a whimsical, Alice In Wonderland vibe. It’d make a perfect Easter Basket addition for a foodie friend!

10. Cocktail photography. Be sure to follow my “Liquid Courage” Pinterest board for tons of great libations recipes! Per my last post, my Lenten resolution is to create, imbibe, and (hopefully) enjoy one new cocktail each week. If you read the post, you’ll get it, Judgy McJudgerson.

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