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Happy April, guys! In keeping with my need to constantly change things up, I’m slightly reformatting my monthly favorites posts because I found it difficult to distill an entire month down into just 10 things. To remedy that problem, I’m breaking things up into categories and including five picks per category. Let me know what you think of this new format!



  • This exceptionally complicated-looking but gorgeous and totally Easter-appropriate flower arrangement.
  • This messy-yet-perfect ice cream photo.
  • This bar cart I spotted on Joss and Main. WANTTTTTTT.
  • These little piggy bookends from CB2. I’m kind of going through a pig phase right now… for eating AND decorative purposes.
  • This colorful still life shot.



  • PornBurger. No, it’s not an elicit site, but with all that high-caliber food porn going on, it might as well be.
  • Relished. Relished is a fairly new Chicago-based meal delivery service, that, unlike similar delivery services, sends you ingredients and a recipe card instead of an already-prepared meal. I had the privilege of trying out a few of their meals, and I was really impressed! They send exact amounts of each ingredient needed, totally eliminating the waste that plagues those of us who love to cook but live alone. The recipes are simple and straight-forward enough for beginners, and the complex flavor profiles will please even the most sophisticated of palates. Prices vary depending on how many meals you want each week, but really, it’s quite affordable (roughly $9 per serving), and the convenience factor is key. I snapped a photo of the herb roasted chicken with sautéed spinach and scallion quinoa– check it out!
  • Donut platform kicks by Jeffery Campbell. Yep, those are mini donuts in there. The Fashion Police would taze me for wearing these, but really… if donut shoes are wrong, I don’t want to be right.
  • Speaking of shoes that are wrong… these Del Toro shoes. Okay, these actually are wrong. But I secretly hope I cross paths with someone who’s just avant garde (or bat-shit-crazy) enough to wear them.
  • Freezing fruit in ice cubes. It slowly infuses your cold beverages with flavor. Plus, it’s so much prettier than plain, boring ice cubes. All the cool kids are doing it.


  • L20 in Lincoln Park. We went for my momma’s birthday, and it was incredible. Highlights included the caviar, the scallops with truffle butter, and the amazing bread service. Oh, and the INSANE food styling!
  • Trellis in Lincoln Park. It’s a new-ish wine bar in the old Gaslight Bar and Grill space. Loved the fig jam and bacon pizza, but could have done without the excessively noisy atmosphere. I’m such a curmudgeon, I know.
  • Pizza Rustica in Lakeview. Went in expecting a run-of-the-mill pizza joint, and left totally blown away. The beverage program is truly innovative, and hits high notes with the Dancing Buffalo and the Spicy Ginger Lime. Food faves included the bone-in ribeye (seasoned PERFECTLY) and the burrata. If I lived a little closer, I’d be here once a week, easy.
  • Sushi Dokku in West Loop. I wrote a full restaurant review of Sushi Dokku about a year ago, and I still maintain that it’s my favorite sushi place in Chicago. I’m adding the mini filet mignon to my list of most-loved dishes.
  • Five Guys in Lincoln Park. Yeah… I go here a lot. Little Cheeseburger with pickles, lettuce, mayo and ketchup FTW.

Tell me– what are some things you loved in March? Leave your comment below!


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