Petite Pistachio and Vanilla Bean Cheesecakes

Petite Pistachio and Vanilla Bean Cheesecakes

Hey, guys! Big news: I’ve officially stepped on board as a blog contributor at the food and lifestyle blog, Best Friends For Frosting!

Twice a month, I’ll be sharing exclusive Kailley’s Kitchen recipes over there in addition to posting here. It’s my hope that this opportunity will allow me to introduce Kailley’s Kitchen to a whole new audience, and in the process, hopefully gain some more wonderful readers!

Up first are these pleasantly sweet petite vanilla bean cheesecakes with a naturally gluten-free pistachio crust, candied pistachios, and a bit of honey.

Petite Pistachio and Vanilla Bean Cheesecakes














Click here for the recipe and additional photos at Best Friends For Frosting!


  1. Lauren says

    This looks delicious! What would someone have to do to bake it in a normal springform pan, do you know?



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