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May Things

Hey, guys! Sorry for the delay in posting last month’s favorites! I almost considered just skipping May faves, but decided that there were enough things worth mentioning that throwing something together last minute would be worth it.



  • This artsy photo that blends food culture with fashion and design culture.
  • This PERFECT styling of ice cream. Totally inspired to do a shoot like this for an upcoming ice cream recipe.
  • This purple room. I need a room like this one day.
  • This holiday dessert spread. Okay, we couldn’t be further from Christmas, but this is adorable and must be done.
  • This still life shot. Someone please teach me how to compose photos like this.



  • Randomly spotting Miranda Lambert’s airstream. I’m lucky enough to live right next to Chicago’s preeminent country bar, and by some magnificent stroke of luck, I ran into Wanda the Wanderer parked right in front. Girl crush alert.
  • This list of the Best Burgers in the US by State. Excuse me while I add every single one to my burger bucket list and start eating my way across the country. Have you tried any of these?
  • This article about the power of mindful eating.
  • Getting up to my family’s lake house in Wisconsin. It’s in a sleepy, podunky little town about a half-hour drive west of Madison, and been my home away from home since I was a little girl
  • Finally ditching my winter coat. After the most miserable winter (and spring) in Chicago history, I finally sent my down coat off to the dry cleaners and then banished it to the farthest corner of my closet. At first I thought I had jinxed myself, but so far, it hasn’t dipped much below 50 degrees since.


  • Culver’s. I’m not even kidding. We don’t have any Culver’s outposts in Chicago, so I have to wait until I’m outside city limits to get my fix. Now that it’s summer (which means spending most weekends in Wisconsin), I’ll be hitting Culver’s on the regular for an obligatory “it’s the weekend” ButterBurger.
  • Taco Joint. Hello, cheap deals on great Mexican street food. I recently discovered that TJ is available for delivery through GrubHub, and obviously had no choice but to embrace it. The beer-battered tilapia Baja tacos are fab, and the street corn is positively glorious.
  • Municipal. Okay, so I haven’t officially dined here yet, but I stopped in earlier this month to taste-test and photograph their “Municipal Mules” for work and fell in love. The space has a very industrial, urban feel, and the walls are covered in Chicago-inspired murals. And ohmigoshhh, the Mules… they’re a ginger beer lover’s dream.
  • Crossing. Better-than-average sports bar fare, second-to-none skillet cookies.
  • Momma’s home cookin’. Better than any Michelin rated resto out there 😉

Tell me– what are some things you loved in May? Leave your comment below!


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